What You Will Learn:

Why is Complex Trauma Important?

Module 1: What Are Our Children Carrying?

Module 2: Body and Stress

Module 3: Managing Emotions and Stress

Module 4: Attachment and Relationships

Module 5: Identity Development

Module 6: Reframing Challenging Behaviours

Module 7: Caregiver Wellness

When Love Is Not Enough

Are you feeling fatigued and frustrated?

If yes, you are not alone!

Foster parents and other caregivers give from the bottom of their hearts. Often this isn't enough. Complex trauma changes the child’s brain and nervous system (and thus all development). These kids don't respond well to typical parenting.

How do we create an environment of nurturing experiences for these children to heal? Can we move beyond "managing" the challenging emotions and behaviours to “see” and respond to the underlying needs? YES, WE CAN!

Meet Your Course Instructor!

Chipo McNichols, Psy.D., R.Psych is a caregiver with lived experience and a registered psychologist working with children, youth and their families. For the past 15 years, Chipo has worked as a clinician with families of children who have lived through very hard experiences and has a big heart for caregivers. She has worked extensively within Indigenous communities and is passionate about sharing knowledge from both a professional and personal lens while embracing cross cultural world views.

Meet Your Course Instructor!

Angela Murphy, M.Ed., B.Ed., is an author, school psychologist, and complex trauma coach. For the past 10 years she has worked at an Independent Indigenous school and it's the most challenging kids who have her heart. Angela believes these two things: 1. All kids can learn and 2. No child is intrinsically bad. It is her life's work to support caregivers of children who have been through hard things. Every chance she gets, she is sharing the life-changing outcomes that she sees in children and teens when their caregivers are using a trauma-focused approach.

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